How to Get US Phone Numbers on Mobile Apps

There are many company offer FREE VOIP virtual mobile numbers which are very helpful specially when we create twitter, facebook or instagram accounts that they are require mobile number verification specially if your IP is block for registration. So if you are looking real numbers from united states maybe this article will help your needs.

1.  TextPlus – Free Calls and Texts

text-plusTextplus is a FREE android, IOS apps that allow you to get FREE US & CA mobile numbers, You can download the last apps in your mobile device and enjoy the FREE features. This numbers give you a chance to verify account if they ask you a new phone number inside the US.

To install Textplus Follow the instruction below.

Download Server

1. IOS APPS Store 
2. Android Google Play
3. Amazon Apps Store
4 Windows Apps Store
5 Nokia Apps Store


2. Talkatone – Free mobile VoIP calls and texts on iOS and Android

talkatoneTalkatone is a premium android apps that allow you to send sms or even call your friends via internet using your mobile talkatone apps for FREE. This also allow you to get FREE unique mobile number in united states. You can use this number to create twitter, and other social media accounts.

Download Server

1. IOS Apps Store 
2. Android Apps Store



3. Pinger – Text and Talk Free with Textfree

pingerPinger is the most popular telecommunication right now, they can give you hundreds of mobile numbers exclusively in united states, this company found in 2005 until now they grow bigger and wider. They also make apps that are suitable for your device and they promise to deliver better and quality voice calls for FREE…

Download Server

1. IOS APPS Store
2. Android Apps Store

These telecommunication network is the most popular for VOIP Service provider in the world, They also offer paid service and most people living united states were using this right now.

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