There are lots of things to be followed in order to have a felicitous and tranquil relationship. Love should be committed to each other. The good sign that you’re both committed to each other is when you spend your time together. There are times that both of you doesn’t have enough time to spare on what you want to do. Time is the most commodities that we can’t turn it back. So you must cherish the moment when you’re together.

In a relationship, we can’t avoid misunderstanding when you’re judging your partner without knowing his side, this kind of situation we should avoid. In judging your partner, you should know and listen first on what are the reasons. If you will not listen and you will judge immediately, it will worsen the situation. Don’t let your anger ruin your relationship. You have to control your temper all the time. Most of the couple outlast because they get easily affected with misunderstanding.


In a relationship, if God is the center of it, then it is meant to last. God will enlighten our minds to make better. No matter trials may come and tries to ruin our relationships we can overcome it.

When God works on it, don’t forget to have patience all the time because; Love is patient. When it comes to choosing your partner feel loved and valued, God is in the details. Many partners do loving and heartwarming things. My partner brings happiness to my life next to God and my parents. He often told me how much he loves and admires me and how lucky he feels to be my partner.


An argument is a part of a relationship. Not all times that you feel happiness, there are also ups and down, without this we can’t vocalize that it is love. In these situations, we can’t prevent this because loving someone is not easy. You have to makes an effort to someone you love the most. There’s a saying that, “you cannot give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.” So you must do your best to give what your partners’ need. By giving time and effort can make your relationship more productive.


After all the consequences that you’ve encountered, there’s a reward after all. The reward I mean is that you’ll have a happy and bountiful family. No one can give to both of you, so, cherish the moment that makes you happy.

“For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.”

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